Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dr. John Keefe tells you how to make the most of your wedding day

Dr. John Keefe is a reputed wedding officiant and pre-marital counselor in Oklahoma and has helped arrange weddings of various kinds of couples including heterosexual and LGBT couples. He has been instrumental in helping couples to celebrate great occasions in their lives. Dr. John has been noted for his advocacy of the rights of LGBT and gay couples throughout his career in Oklahoma. Besides this, he has also provided wise counsel to all couples taking services from lifelong wedding ceremonies.

No doubt, wedding is a very special day of an individual's life. It is completely natural for you to be super-excited, nervous and a bit intimidated due to so many known and unknown guests. Here, let us have a look at the vital tips given by Dr. John Patrick Keefe II to help you receive your wedding moments with grace and poise.

·Start your day in a relaxed way by calming down your nerves

The immediate time before the wedding should find you in the middle of an activity that is soothing to your neurons. You can just snuggle in your bed or crawl into a bubble bath tub that is fortified with Epsom salt. You can also choose to have a light walk in a beautiful garden.

·Cultivating acceptance

Just think a moment what do you do when clouds gather while you were planning to enjoy some sunshine or when grandpa accidentally steps on your dress? You simply accept the situation and let go because you know some things are simply out of control. Being unnecessarily conscious will simply slip all the beautiful moments out of your hands into anxiety.

·Keeping your cell phone on vibrate or flight mode

Truly speaking, your wedding is a very personal and special event of your life and requires that you give 100 percent attention to your partner, your new family, and of course yourself rather than get distracted by attending calls.

·Have a balanced diet

Please do not do any crash dieting on your wedding day and make your body and mind bereft of vital nutrients and energy. Load up some fresh fruit smoothies or protein rich nuts, cheese or a home-made fresh soup.

·Spend some hearty moments with your partner

You will feel so much at home when you can connect better with your partner. Your wedding is an opportunity that lets you cherish all the wonderful moments of offering your commitment, reassurance, and love to your partner.

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